Heat-reflective glass

With the development of architecture aesthetics, the requirement for architectural glass is becoming higher and higher. Glass should supply not only proper lighting and good sight shading functions, but also certain level of energy saving performance and colorful decoration effects. Heat reflective glass is the solution. It is also called solar control glass or sunlight shading glass which is got by sputtering special materials to high quality float glass under the vacuum environment. Depending on different materials to be sputtered and different layer combination, solar energy direct radiation reflectance, transmission, absorption and color of coatings can be controlled accurately. Jinhua reflective glass can be cut, tempered, bent as well as other processing.

•Efficient control of incidence of direct solar radiation, outstanding sunlight shading effect.
•Various reflective colors, best decorative function.
•Ideal visible transmission and reflectance ratio, reduced ultraviolet transmission.
•Nice energy saving performance.

•Colors: euro bronze, dark blue, ocean blue, f green, euro grey, dark grey, etc.
•Available Thickness: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm
•Standard Sizes: 1830mmx2440mm,  2134mmx3300mm, 2134mmx3660mm, 2250mmx3300mm, 2250mmx3660mm.
•Packing: Please refer to export packing of clear float glass. Powder sprayed or paper interleaved between glass sheets.

•Windows and doors
•Glass curtain walls
•Home decoration as mirror glass
•Apartment bocks
•Barriers for anti peep